Our specialised team has extensive experience in compulsory land acquisition matters having represented both businesses and private individuals on major government infrastructure projects such as the North West Rail Link and Richmond Road upgrade.

Download our free Land Acquisition Guide for a detailed overview on the land acquisition process.

What is Compulsory Land Acquisition?
Compulsory land acquisition is the acquisition of land or an interest in land (such as a leasehold interest or an easement) by a government authority (such as Transport for NSW, Roads and Maritime Services) in which the authority does not need consent to take the land or interest.

Government authorities have the power to compulsory acquire an interest in land in circumstances where it is authorised to do so by legislation for a public purpose for example for major infrastructure projects such as rail projects, and government developments such as hospitals and schools. Councils often acquire land for parks, community services and environment protection areas.

Independent professional advice from solicitors, valuers and others is necessary for the owner to ensure losses arising from the acquisition are properly assessed and notified to the authority. The government is generally obliged to pay your legal and valuation fees in seeking proper compensation.

How can PC Law help?
PC Law can assist by providing you with advice and assistance on:

Liaising with the government authority  in relation to the proposed acquisition

Negotiating your compensation claim with the acquiring authority as well as the terms on                  which the authority may enter or occupy the land

Retaining experts to assess your entitlement to compensation, including experienced                        valuers and town planners

Taking proceedings in Court to ensure you achieve appropriate compensation for your land              or interest

Read our "Land Acquisition Guide For Residents and Businesses" in our Downloads section on this page for more information.